Charity gets her chance with Cain in Emmerdale

Charity goes in for the kill when Cain has a row with his wife Moira in Emmerdale

*Hour-long episode*

As Cain and Moira have a huge row about Holly, Charity’s given the chance she’s been waiting for. When Cain finds out Moira’s been lying to him about Holly’s drug habit and about the incident at the dealer’s house which subsequently put Moira’s health at risk, he demands his wife throw Holly out of the house. Moira’s refusal infuriates Cain, who storms out of the house and over to the Woolie. There, Charity’s dressed to impress and leaps on her moment to try to win back her ex…

At Mulberry, the bad blood between Ashley and Gabby worsens much to Doug’s concern. Though Ashley admits he was wrong to involve the police he refuses to apologise to his daughter. As the row continues, Gabby tells her dad she wishes he would drop dead while Ashley informs his daughter he regrets she was even born.

With Jimmy keeping his wife at arm’s length since the accident, Nicola’s getting frustrated as she’s desperate to get intimate with her husband. As she and Dan get close during a physio session, a spark ignites between the friends.