Charity gets the money but not the man

Humiliated by Moira one day and Cain the next… Cain thumps Marlon when he finds out that Marlon has been putting a roof over Charity’s head. But it’s Charity that Cain really wants to hurt. He finds her in Marlon’s house and tells her she’s dead to him, she’s to stay away from him and Debbie.

Cain storms back to Tug Ghyll, gets the money Charity had put in a holdall and takes it back to her, telling her to keep it. That’s all she’s getting, not him, not Debbie. Then he goes home and tells Debbie he has to leave before he hurts someone. Charity puts the money on Cain’s doorstep but, as Debbie watches, she returns and takes it.

Back at the pub, something good comes out of Marlon’s run-in with Cain. Moira offers him some comfort, telling him she’s flattered by his feelings for her but she’s a happily married woman.

Meanwhile, Mark is back to stalking Faye in her own home. After he sees her with Jai, he jealously follows her back to her house. Faye, however, tells him she’s free to do what she wants with whom she wants. Will he give up on her?

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