Charity has finally decided what to do with Cain’s money: she gives it to…charity! Well, Debbie won’t take it and Charity sees Edna collecting for the church so she dumps the bag full of cash in with some other donations. Problem solved. Except then Debbie thinks Cain might want his money back… With a little smart talking, Debbie and Charity get the bag but Debbie’s still not convinced that her mum has turned over a new leaf. Will Charity ever be able to convince her she’s a new woman?

And has Aaron decided he’s not gay? He’s back to chasing Holly like a raging heterosexual – and this time he catches her! But when Adam hears his sister’s going out with Aaron he’s not happy and warns her to be careful. Well, there’s always the chance that Aaron might try to kiss her, too!

Another confused male in the village is Ashley. He’s not really getting into the festive spirit but Rodney insists he needs to get some ho-ho-ho in his home for Gabby’s sake. Ashley doesn’t see the point in making any special effort but Rodney won’t give up. Will Ashley start enjoying Christmas, or sink into depression?

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