Charity goes to court

And so we have another Dingle in the dock. Chas is charged with the murder of Carl King as Dan, Ali, Lisa and Cameron look on. Yes, Cameron’s there to see the woman he says he loves charged with the murder he committed. One day Debbie will realise she has had a lucky escape. Right now, though, she’s wondering how to tell Sarah that Cameron is no longer a part of their lives. And who will tell Chas that the Dingles have cut her out of their lives? She has broken just about every rule in the Dingle code of conduct and now she’s as dead to them as Carl is. And all for what? Cameron? He’s so not worth it.

Gennie knew the whole Chas/Cameron thing was going to end in tears. She tried to tell Chas weeks ago that messing with Debbie’s man was a huge mistake. She kept their affair a secret but now she tells Nikhil what she knew. She’s relieved to be able to be honest with him but what about Debbie? What if she finds out Gennie wasn’t honest with her? And what if Charity and Cain find out?

Robbie finds out what Megan’s up to… She’s after Declan’s money – the money he gave to Katie.

*Second episode*

For Sarah’s sake, Cameron is going to be allowed to visit her in hospital to say goodbye. But before he gets there, Cain and Debbie want to tell him what he can and can’t say to the little girl. For example, telling Sarah that he did the dirty on Debbie with Chas is a big no-no. Cameron knows better than to disobey Debbie, too, because it’s clear that the way Cain is feeling Cameron might end up in the men’s ward – or the morgue – if he puts a foot wrong.

Georgia has put more than a foot wrong since she pitched up on Gennie and Nikhil’s doorstep. Yes, she’s Molly’s grandmother, but as such she should be supporting Gennie and Nikhil, not putting them down. So Gennie says she has to go. But just as Georgia’s leaving, Gennie has a change of heart. She could live to regret this…

Dan’s regretting marrying Chas. Two hours it lasted! He had no idea what he was getting into and now that he does he doesn’t know what to think. So Ali does his thinking for him and tells him he’s better off without Chas.