Wanting Sam to give up on his search for Rachel, Charity sets out to derail him. Knowing Jai is using the farmhand to get his son back in his life no matter what, and has little concern for Sam’s missing fiancee, she confronts her ex. Recording his bitter tirade, she later presents Sam with the evidence. But her ‘bombshell’ only serves to make Sam even more determined to find Rachel. His only problem is the Dingles, who have made it clear they want him to give up on the matter. Will he?

James plays a blinder as he uses new client Charlotte to make Cain think he’s not interested in Moira. His charms work like a dream as he parades her out of the pub (and into the bedroom). As for the business deal, Moira still wants no part in it, but James ploughs on regardless, going so far as to tell Charlotte he’s acting on Moira’s authority. Moira, meanwhile, confides her ‘past’ with James in Vanessa.

Now great mates with Priya, Leyla grows concerned as she notices her pregnant bessie isn’t eating.