Charity knees Jai!

Jai could have chosen better places than The Woolie to hand Charity her divorce papers. Not that Charity minds letting Jai – and the rest of patrons – know how she feels about that as she knees her ex in his nethers! With scorned Charity running on angry adrenalin right now, worried Debbie knows it’s only a matter of time until her mum totally loses it and unleashes her full fury.

It’s all change at Butler’s as the Barton men settle in to their new home. With Cain away, he has no idea about the new development at his girlfriend’s place – until Zak calls him, wary of how his volatile and jealous son will react. Sure enough, the mechanic soon reappears in the village – but Moira’s got no time for his anger – she’s off to a party with her brother-in-law James. Oof!

In church, Edna’s excited as she starts the preparations for the upcoming nativity. But new vicar Harriet has news for the pensioner – that tradition has been abolished!