Charity shows Faye no mercy – and dumps Cain

Charity gets home and sees Cain kissing Faye goodbye. She knows immediately what he’s done and launches herself at Faye, slapping the smirk off her face. At home, she turns on Cain. She didn’t sleep with Jai and never would have, so Cain has wrecked their relationship for nothing. What??? As the truth dawns on Cain he realises – too late – what a terrible mistake he has made. He puts on a show of bravado as Charity packs a bag and leaves, but Cain knows he’s turned a good thing bad.

Diane turned a good thing bad with Doug when she had her head turned by conman Charlie. Now she wants to make it right; now she wants Doug. But before she can tell him how she feels he tells her he’s going on a cruise with Hilary. Looks like that ship’s going to sail without Diane, and she’s devastated.

Rhona’s tangled love life is causing her grief, too. She’s fed up with her ex, Marlon, fussing around her (and she hasn’t even had their baby yet) and not giving her any time alone with Paddy. Rhona decides Marlon needs a woman – and she knows just who to set him up with.