Charity strikes gold

Charity tries desperately to convince herself that she has all that she wants: Cain, Cain’s money and a happy Debbie. But Carl has told Cain about their plan to rob him and, at the garage, Cain challenges Charity. She denies everything and Cain reinforces his show of trust in her by leaving her alone with the petty cash. Charity almost gives in to temptation but then strikes gold: she finds the key to Cain’s treasure chest. Will she use it?

The plans for Angelica’s christening are taking on monumental proportions and causing no end of family arguments. Rodney wants his granddaughter to wear the Blackstock family christening gown. Jimmy wants his daughter to wear his mother’s gown. Unable to summon the strength for a fight, Nicola leaves Scarlett to sort out Angelica’s wardrobe. What will the baby end up wearing?

Lisa’s also considering her appearance since she has been modelling for Holly, to help the girl with her college art course. Holly tells Lisa she can make money as a life model for art classes and she’ll put her name forward at her college. Has Lisa found a new career? And will Zak approve?

*Second episode, 8pm*

Money’s talking to Charity again; it’s all she can hear as she holds the key to Cain’s stash in her hand. She goes into town to get a duplicate made but Chas turns up at the garage before Charity can replace the original. Chas wants to know that Charity really does care for Cain and, in reassuring her, Charity finds herself wondering about her true feelings for him. She gets the key back in its hiding place and, at home, Cain apologises to her for listening to Carl. But will he be sorry he didn’t listen harder?

Over at The Woolpack, Moira is shocked by what she hears from Marlon… As she helps him in the kitchen, he tells her he’ll always be there to help her. Quickly realising he has said too much, Marlon feels awkward and Moira leaves. In the pub, she tells John Marlon might have a crush on her. Will he be angry or amused?

Nicola decides that Angelica needs a new – expensive (naturally) – gown for her christening. Jimmy doesn’t have the money for that, but Nicola thinks Scarlett does. That’s why she wants the teenager as Angelica’s godmother – not that she admits that. But will the penny drop with Scarlett?

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