Charity takes a digger to Jai’s car!

*First episode*

When Noah finds out a divorce is on the cards, the young boy heads to the factory to speak to Jai. Charity’s in hot pursuit of her upset son and, with her having had a few drinks, the situation soon turns volatile. Stung by the sight of Noah and Jai looking so close, Charity loses it when her husband pipes up. Wanting to cause him pain, she leaps into a nearby digger and aims for her cheating husband’s car…

It’s time for Alicia and David to talk to Jacob, who hasn’t got a clue what’s going on. One minute David was with Priya and now he’s back with his mum, who he was once married to! Consumed with guilt over the lad’s confusion, will David find himself proposing when Jacob asks if the couple are getting married again?

Harriet’s confidence takes a knock when she finds out Betty, Edna and Pearl will be on the interviewing panel for the vicar’s job. Perhaps Ashley is still in with a chance to redeem his position.