Charity is sickened when she catches Jai giving money to Sam to continue his search for Rachel. She knows her ex only too well and is sure that all he’s concerned about is his son Archie, not the AWOL cleaner’s well-being, nor Sam’s heartache. Relieved Sam hasn’t found Rachel, Charity warns him Jai is bound to stitch up Rachel should he manage to track her down.

As prime suspect in the stealing saga at the cafe, innocent Ruby is in bits. And guilty Brenda’s feeling pretty bad, too. Unable to tell her husband that she’s developed a shoplifting habit, which seems to ease her grief over losing Gennie, she decides to plant the wallet she stole back on the premises and wait for Bob to find it. But will that solve the problem?

James is going all out to secure a deal to help struggling Butler’s Farm. But his ulterior motive – to impress Moira – looks set to fail as the farmer warns him she doesn’t want to be a part of it.