Charity tries to kiss Cain! (VIDEO)

*Second episode*

The bitter public battle continues in the Sharma factory forecourt. With his wife having trashed his car, with help from a mechanical digger, Jai wades in with a whopping great mallet… Later, Cain comes to drunken Charity’s aid and offers his ex some comfort, much to Moira’s distaste. In a state, Charity misreads the mechanic’s motives and moves in for a kiss!

Meanwhile, as Jacob pushes the issue of marriage, David finds himself getting down on one knee and proposing to Alicia! With him so freshly separated from his former fiancée, Priya, it’s a bit of a shock, and the barmaid’s not sure if he’s for real. With her dream of a happy ever after with David looking set to come true, will Alicia swallow her doubts and accept?

Despite having been knocked about by her bullying brother, loyal Megan does Declan’s bidding and tries to sweeten Gil into signing a deal. But when Gil turns the tables and suggests she works for him instead, will Megan take the opportunity to stitch up Declan in revenge for his assault?