Charity’s got trouble – and it’s all of her own making. One day she’s kissing Cain like she really means it, the next she’s beating him off with her fists – literally. Kissing Cain was not a smart move and now she’s got to act double smart to get Jai off her back. He wants to know what’s going on and Charity can’t face him. Cain can, though; he can’t wait to tell Jai that Charity’s losing her taste for the toffee boy and wants Cain again. Oh, Cain, if you were half as clever as you think you are, well… you wouldn’t qualify as a Dingle, so let’s scratch that.

Carl knows exactly how cunning the Dingles can be (so, Chas taught him something, then) and he’s not prepared to let Cameron off the hook. The police turn up on Debbie’s doorstep and, with Cameron, she denies all of Carl’s allegations. They lie through their teeth leaving the police with nothing to go on – for now.

Val’s turned detective, too and her snooping finds adoption leaflets in Amy’s bag. She grabs hold of the wrong end of the stick with both hands, thinking Amy wants to be adopted by her and Pollard. Eeeh, Val, you’ve got to be more canny, pet.

*Second episode*

Charity needs to talk to Cain – and she’s not sure what she’s going to say. Does she still want him? Jai has a feeling she might. But if she did she certainly doesn’t after she hears what he’s been doing to Amy. It’s Victoria who puts Charity in the picture, telling her Cain attacked Amy and warned her to stay away from Belle. Charity suspects there’s more to all this and Victoria tells her she’s right: Cain got Amy pregnant then forced her to have an abortion (which Amy didn’t have but Victoria doesn’t know that. More worryingly, neither does Cain). Suddenly Charity’s thinking very clearly. She turns on Cain, telling him she knows about Amy and he knows he won’t be getting Charity back. Now Charity has to convince Jai that he’s the man for her.

Moira’s not being straight with her man, farmer John. She buys a 4×4 from Cain, agreeing to weekly payments, but doesn’t tell John. Uh-oh. Dodgy deals with Cain always end in trouble.

Nicola’s headed for trouble, too. She wants Brook Cottage for herself, Jimmy and Angel – and Rachel wants it for her family. Declan’s already given Rachel a job and there’s every chance he’ll give her a home so Nicola needs to act fast.