Charity twists the knife into Jai!

*Second episode*

Nicola persuades Carly to have a drink with Jai and can’t help gloating to Jimmy. But at The Woolpack Carly is bored stiff by Jai’s less than thrilling conversation, leading a scheming Charity to revel in sticking the knife in. She wastes no time in telling Jai that Nicola paid Carly to have a drink with him and goads him so much that he snaps! And who should walk in just as he loses his temper? None other than Megan!
With poor Aaron’s troubles far from over, he’s still seething that Robert set fire to Gordon’s letter without even telling him about it and he forces Robert to fill him in on its contents… Liv overhears a conversation that could have serious consequences for Robert, and police confirm Gordon was found dead in his cell.

Elsewhere, after reckoning that he and Finn were capable of starting a taxi firm together without Pete, Ross has a change of heart and offers his brother a job at Barton Cars! Will Pete decide to stay in the village after all?

Vanessa tests Rhona’s feelings for Pierce when Carly flirts with him.