Charity learns the hard way that she’s been booted out of Butler’s when Moira dumps all her belongings at the pub! And to add insult to injury, Charity hears Noah’s going to be staying on with Moira and Cain. Desperate to secure herself a future, Charity gets hold of Moses and uses her youngest son as a bargaining tool, confronting Emma with a proposal…

Having been given food for thought by Andy, will Chrissie act on Bernice’s advice to try to move on and have some fun? Might hunky Andy be the solution to soothe Chrissie’s hurt?

Disgraced lawyer Rakesh agrees to move in to Rishi’s place with Priya. Meanwhile, Emma and James discuss a move of their own and consider buying one of Rakesh’s flat conversions.

At the hospital, it’s time for Megan to find out more about Eliza as the doctor delivers a diagnosis on her baby daughter’s health.