Charity wants Lisa to boot out Rachel

Charity’s packed her bags, taken Noah and moved out of Holdgate. She’s spitting with rage about her husband’s betrayal. Not only did he cheat on her with Rachel, he led her to believe his own dad Rishi was the father of the cleaner’s love child. Disgusted, she expects her family to back her up as she demands Rachel move out of Zak and Lisa’s.

Desperate to seal the deal with Gil – who’s in line to buy up all of Declan’s Emmerdale properties – the entrepreneur needs Katie to sign Dale Head back over to him. Knowing his furious ex isn’t about to make life easy for him, Declan gives Katie his signed divorce papers hoping to fool her into signing the vital paperwork without realising.

Thinking he was the only one in the running for the village vicar job, Ashley’s concerned to learn he’s got competition. New face in the village, Harriet, is planning to apply, too.