It was all going so well with Charity and Cain – he even told her he loves her! But now Charity’s got all she needs to steal Cain’s money and disappear. So, what means more to her: the money or the man? Of course, if she stays, she can have both. But Charity doesn’t see that until it’s too late… She decides to take Cain’s money and run with Noah.

Cain realises what she’s up to and rushes with Debbie to his stash in the storage unit. Meanwhile, Charity’s decided it’s Cain she wants and is putting the money back when Cain arrives. Furious that she has deceived him, Cain tells Debbie to take Noah and he locks Charity in the unit. Will Charity end up with nothing?

Marlon’s enjoying his moment of being a hero in Moira’s eyes, having found Hannah after the distressed schoolgirl ran out of Aaron’s party. He’s tempted to tell Paddy how he feels about the farmer’s wife but Paddy already suspects something’s cooking…

The Padster has other things on his mind, though. He’s seen the mess his house is in after Aaron’s party and he’s not happy. He is sympathetic, though, when he sees how far Aaron will go to impress Holly.

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