Charity’s dodgy dealings are exposed!

*Second episode*

Cain and Moira are fuming when the police turn up at Butler’s Farm to investigate some stolen cars, and it’s not long before they realise that Charity and Ross have been using the premises for their dodgy dealings. Cain orders the pair to shift the stolen cars, while Moira tells Charity to move out.

Meanwhile, Pete is still in a quandary about DI Bails’ blackmail – should he trick Charity into making a confession to save himself from going to prison? When Debbie finds out what her mum’s been up and tells him how disgusted she is with her, will it give Pete the impetus he needs to do what the DI wants?

Vanessa is beginning to notice a widening gap between the way she lives her life and how Kirin chooses to live his, while Jimmy is supposed to have fully recovered from his vasectomy reversal so Nicola is keen to get cracking with the business of making a baby, but it’s clear that her husband is worried that all is not well ‘down below’!