Charity’s double dose of bad news! (VIDEO)

Charity gets a shock when her legal representative, Rakesh, delivers some bad news about her trial – Sam has been called as a witness for the prosecution. With Sam still angry at Charity for causing his girlfriend Rachel to leave the village, it’s unlikely he’s going to be lenient with her in court. Can she convince him to go easy on her? Later, there’s more bad news for Charity, albeit not quite so serious! She’s got to find a new venue to hold the Christmas party for the workers of Home James Haulage! She’s got a place in mind, but dreads having to ask. Where IS she hoping to have the bash?

At Butler’s Farm, the Bartons struggle to undo the damage made by Lawrence, while Robert plots to get Lawrence to lay off Ross, but will his plans work? Meanwhile, Chrissie vows to get back at Ross for the raid at Home Farm…

Elsewhere in the village, Rakesh reveals his plans to cause trouble between Kirin and Vanessa, in the hope that they will split up, but he’s unaware that his son has heard every word! And Val’s fuming after reading the story about her casino night in the local paper!