*Hour episode*

As the mother of the groom, Georgia’s determined to be very hands-on with the Jai-Charity wedding. Trouble is, Charity’s been there, done that and worn the wedding dress already – and that’s pretty much what she tells Georgia and Jai’s dad, Rishi. They admire Charity’s honesty, too, but their smiles falter when she tells them about how her late husband Chris was poisoned.

Marlon’s interest is still very much focused on Laurel. He has booked a hotel room and if Laurel wants him the way he wants her then she’s to meet him in that room. Laurel packs a bag and tells Ashley she’s off to help a friend with marriage problems. At the hotel, Laurel and Marlon are ready to consummate their affair. Then she thinks of the children. What a passion killer! She tells Marlon she can’t risk losing her children and rushes home to Ashley. She tells Ashley her friend has gone back to her husband – and he knows exactly what she’s saying.

Sarah overhears Debbie and Andy talking and knows what they’re saying: she could die. She draws a picture of herself in heaven, while Debbie and Andy pray their little girl will be a long time getting there.