Charity’s suspicions mount

With Jai and Rachel’s baby bombshell still eating away at Sam, there’s huge tension between the men. When Samson picks up a bug, Jai suggests his secret son Archie stays at Holdgate to avoid him getting it too. When Charity walks in on the trio having an awkward conversation about it, she pushes cagey Sam to tell her what’s going on.

There’s relief for Rhona and Paddy who talk through their issues. Paddy assures his wife there’s nothing going on with Chas while Rhona asserts she’s not touched a tablet since finishing rehab. The recovering addict then goes to the doctors about an infection. When she’s prescribed antibiotics, Rhona starts to panic, unsure that she’s even capable of swallowing them without relapsing.

Cash-strapped Declan is buzzing. A prospective new client, Gil, is considering buying up his entire portfolio of Emmerdale properties! With Declan facing losing the business, this could be the answer to Declan’s Home Farm prayers.