Charity’s truck is hijacked!

So, Jai and Cain have agreed to hijack Nikhil and Debbie’s lorry load of satnavs to teach them a lesson. Cain thinks Carl’s driving and quite likes the idea of frightening him. But Carl gives Charity the job – and she takes Noah with her for the ride. So now Cain has unwittingly set his violent mates on to his fiancée and her son and they’re terrified when the hijackers attack…

Ashley’s also scared, convinced his marriage is beyond saving. Laurel won’t let him near her, still angry about how he believed psycho Sally over her. Laurel’s dad Doug points out that she’s letting Sally win and Laurel knows he’s right. She agrees to join Ashley for a re-creation of their anniversary dinner – this time without Sally’s spiked drinks. But is a sober evening with Ashley what Laurel really needs to relight the fire under her marriage?

Meanwhile, Rodney is seeing flickers of romance in the responses to his lonely hearts ad. He arranges a date with one of the women and looks forward to getting some female attention. Keen to show his friends and family that he’s back in the saddle, Rodney takes Fiona, his much younger date, to The Woolpack – and discovers she’s an old friend of Nicola’s…

*Second episode, 8pm*

Charity’s tied up and thrown in the back of the lorry with little Noah. Cain’s gang of thugs tell him that the driver wasn’t Carl, it was a woman with a kid and Cain immediately knows that he has put the lives of his fiancée and her son in danger. He races to the truck but can’t bring himself to show Charity he was behind the hijacking and sneaks away. Carl later finds the truck. Knowing that the load was dodgy, he agrees with Charity not to involve the police. But she wants to deliver her own brand of justice to those who attacked her and Noah. Will Cain step forward and take his punishment?

Maisie is still being contained in the clinic, where she’s supposed to be getting over her near-incestuous relationship with her half-brother Ryan. The treatment hasn’t been a complete success, though. Meanwhile, Ryan is trying to be a big brother to Will but Nathan thinks Ryan is poison and wants him to stay away from the Wyldes – all of them.

At the vicarage, Laurel gives Ashley some hope for their future together. But Aaron gets no reassurance from Holly.

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