Charles gets a soaking from Sheila

When Charles arrives, Naomi is eager for him confirm in writing that the painting belongs to her. Sheila gets to Charles first however to warn him off her daughter, and after a heated exchange she throws a drink in his face. Later, Charles manages to charm Naomi and she asks him to dinner. When Sheila warns Naomi to steer clear of her ex, Naomi ignores her, leaving Sheila hurt – and Naomi with no idea that Charles is out womanising as they speak.

Reeling from his kiss with Sienna, Brennan makes a quick exit from the house. When pressed by Imogen about what she’s done to upset Brennan, Sienna lashes out and cuts Imogen down. Later, Brennan returns home to tell Sienna their kiss was a terrible mistake and she needs to move out. Devastated, Sienna begs him to reconsider and against his better judgment, Brennan relents and lets her stay, but only as a friend.

When Sonya discovers a condom in Callum’s bag she alerts Toadie. Toadie tries to talk to Callum and is pleasantly surprised when Callum ends up being incredibly mature.

But Sonya is still concerned, and when she suspects that Callum and Josie are planning on having their first time together that night, she secretly wishes she could stop it.