After enjoying some flirty texting, Simon meets Will in the park and demands to know when he plans on telling his wife about them. When Charlie unleashes more homophobic comments, Simon wants to make an official complaint, but when Will says he fears his wife will find out, Simon tells Will it’s over.

The atmosphere is still frosty between Heston and Julia, but when Daniel takes it upon himself to speak to Karen, Julia and Heston individually, he manages to upset Karen and get on the wrong side of Heston, who discovers Daniel’s ulterior motive for putting himself forward for the partnership.

Jimmi successfully arranges a meeting between Julia, Heston and Karen, who puts her suggestions in writing, which impresses Julia. They agree to have a review at the end of the month and Julia promises to find a solution to suit everyone. Then Daniel overhears Julia and Heston saying that they want Jimmi as the new partner.

Also, Cherry deals with a patient with memory loss struggling to remember anything about her life – but will she be able to handle the truth? Later, Cherry encourages Michelle when she fails to nail the tap dance routine.

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