Charlie and Angelo race to save Tony

Charlie and Angelo head out to the exchange desperate to save Tony and with the belief that Hugo is with him. The rain makes it difficult for them to see anything. Martha, Gina and Xavier are inside a water tank that is filling up. Xavier gets himself and then the others free from the ropes and they climb out of the water tank just as Hugo arrives.

Tony and Hugo are in a stand-off with Killer. Hugo drives the car straight at Killer and knocks him unconscious. A fight ensues and eventually Tony and Hugo get the upper hand.

Jill tries to get back with John and although he’s not that interested, she convinces him to have a juice with her. When Miles sees Jill with John, he can’t believe her. Miles tells her she should be thinking of Romeo but Jill quickly tells him that he is in no position to lecture her.

Jill feels bad that she has ruined John’s relationship with Gina and she genuinely means it. They head back to John’s place, where they enjoy dancing to music and relaxing. John is in need of the distraction and Jill is good company.

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