Charlie arrests Heath

Charlie arrests Heath and Jake after the drugs raid. Heath is hyped up and he lashes out. Watson tasers Heath, who has a seizure and is rushed to hospital. Brax is furious that his brother has been hurt and he makes a scene in defence of Heath and takes it out on Charlie in front of her colleagues.

Inspector Joyce is impressed that Charlie’s made such a big arrest but he wants enough evidence to put Heath away. Joyce thinks that they should convince Liam to testify against Heath on drug charges. Charlie meets up with Brax and is stunned when he confesses that he was the one who tipped off the police about the deal.

Meanwhile, Ruby is worried that her relationship with Casey is under threat as Casey is furious with Charlie for arresting his brother. Ruby is suspicious that Charlie is seeing someone on the quiet and she follows Charlie when she slips out of the house. Ruby is stunned to see Charlie meeting up with Brax and later confronts her. A worried Charlie swears Ruby to secrecy.

Also, Roo worries Alf is being too judgemental about her relationship with Sid.