Charlie has received complaints about the River Boys from all over the bay. But she’s finding it hard to deal with all the grievances as the boys technically haven’t been caught doing anything illegal. She tries to move them on from the Summer Bay beach, but Charlie can’t help feeling that by trying to persecute them she might be making the problem worse.

Dex is being threatened by the River Boys. Gang member Casey does nothing to stop them as they throw Dex into the boot of a car and drive off with him. Later, they dump him in the bush, off to the side of a track. Dex struggles to find his way back home. After hours of wandering, he eventually manages to get home in one piece.

Sid is concerned when Dex does not arrive home and doesn’t turn up the next morning either. After calling Charlie they start trying to retrace Dex’s steps. Sid is extremely worried as he doesn’t think Dex can cope in the real world very well. When Dex eventually turns up back at the Farm House, he reveals he was kidnapped because he’d been filming the River Boys. Sid snaps at Dex and implores him to just be normal!

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