Csey is anxious, convinced he’ll be arrested for the arson at Jake’s place. Ruby assures him that he’s in the clear – as long as he keeps himself out of trouble. Heath is furious when he learns that Casey has confessed all to Ruby and tells her in no uncertain terms to keep her mouth shut. When Ruby learns that Charlie is close to making an arrest, she rushes to warn Casey. With no time to spare, Heath takes Casey and the brothers go on the run.

Leah returns from hospital, distraught after her miscarriage. She completely withdraws from Miles. Despite Miles’s best efforts to reach out, Leah is uncharacteristically cold towards him and he has no idea what to do.

Irene not only has to cope with having chemotherapy but the tension that’s been building in her house between Gypsy and Bianca over Liam. After overhearing the two girls arguing, Lily is excited, as she thinks Gypsy is leaving Mark for Liam.

Gypsy is worried that her flirtation with Liam is complicating things but she can’t help herself, the two of them are drawing closer and closer.