Charlie comes to Annie’s rescue

A dramatic rescue is underway to free Annie from the storm drain she got trapped in looking for VJ. Charlie fears that emergency services might arrive too late, so climbs down to rescue Annie. As Annie struggles to stay above water, Charlie kicks down the grill Annie is trapped behind and pushes her to safety before losing grip… Charlie is swept out into the ocean.

Roman charges into the water and saves her but Charlie feels put out by the fact that it was Roman who rescued her. She shrugs off Ruby’s fussing and heads to the Surf Club where she finds Angelo, who is in a mood about being wrongly accused of assaulting Belle. They drown their sorrows. As Ruby waits up for her sister to come home, we see that Charlie is already in bed – at Angelo’s house.

VJ opens up to Leah about how much he misses his dad and that’s why he likes Miles. Leah realises the importance for VJ to have a father figure and puts her feelings for Miles aside. Miles later decides that living apart from Kirsty has gone on long enough. Kirsty couldn’t be more thrilled, and Miles and Kirsty are officially back together!

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday January 20*

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