Charlie compromises Angelo’s court case

Charlie wakes mortified that she had drunken sex with Angelo the night before. Now she doesn’t know how she’s going to be able to work on his court hearing. However, Angelo’s deal with Tim to clear his name comes through when Jack receives a tip-off about a man called Nobby who admits to beating Belle during a botched robbery on her place.

Belle’s horrified at hearing the news that Angelo’s been cleared for the attack. But a final blow comes when Charlie tells her that without some new breakthrough, it is unlikely the police will be pursuing the developers. Belle feels like she is living in some kind of terrible nightmare.

It’s the evening of the school assembly and Geoff gives an amazing incoming School Captain speech that has Irene and Nicole glowing with pride. Matthew has pressured Melody into writing an essay for him, which he hands in as his own work. Miles is bursting with pride as Melody is presented with a Special Citizenship Award.

But when he discovers a hand-written copy of the essay in Melody’s bag, he realises Melody must have helped Matthew cheat by writing his essay for him. Miles’s excited and happy mood takes a turn for the worse as Melody is caught out.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday January 21*

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