Charlie confesses his feelings to Roxy

Aleks enlists Roxy’s help throwing an impromptu party for Ineta, after forgetting it was her birthday. After the party kicks off, Roxy is put out when Marta turns up, causing trouble between Roxy and Aleks. Roxy is further rocked when Charlie returns to the Square, revealing he’s been given a suspended sentence. When Charlie confesses his feelings to Roxy, she doesn’t know how to respond. Before they can speak further Aleks arrives with news. Ronnie is talking and wants to speak to Roxy.

Shirley and Buster visit Dean in prison to break the news about Stan. When it’s obvious that Dean is struggling to cope, Shirley gets upset. At the Vic, Cora arrives in a state after visiting the hospice, devastated that no one told her Stan had died. As Mick raises a glass for Stan, a drunken Shirley causes a scene and she goes too far this time.

Carol and Sonia have a heart-to-heart about Jim’s death, but things take a turn for the worse when Sonia confesses that Martin has lost the house. Trying to smooth things over with Sonia, Carol admits she’s decided to plan Jim’s funeral despite their rocky relationship. With Les away, Pam asks Billy to step in as acting manager and plan both Jim and Stan’s funerals.