Charlie confronts Brax

Colleen is – understandably – in shock after being abducted in her own caravan, and all the evidence suggests the perpetrator was Brodie, one of the River Boys. Charlie investigates but again she is unable to find any proof. Nevertheless, she confronts Brax. Brax denies any involvement but when Charlie leaves, he dishes out his own brand of justice.

Xavier is frustrated and confused by April dumping him. He decides to try to make one last-ditch attempt to win her back. Xavier arranges for one of the girls in his French class to write a romantic speech to April and delivers the speech to April. Though she’s touched, April gets Dex to tell Xavier to go away, leaving Xavier hurt and humiliated.

Angelo is suffering from a downturn in business, and turns to Brax who had previously made him an offer of cheap booze for the restaurant. But Angelo starts to grow uncomfortable as Brax starts to make suggestions about the restaurant, including adding pizza to the menu. After some consideration Angelo decides Brax may be right, but changes to the menu cost money and Angelo doesn’t have any going spare. Brax agrees to loan Angelo the money.

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