Charlie cons Shona!

Charlie is thrown into turmoil this week when Shona, the pregnant ex-girlfriend of his son Louis, begs him for help.

Feeling desperate after falling out with her sister and being forced to live with drug addicts in a squat, the teenager pays Charlie a visit at the hospital this week and asks him to help her abort the baby – his grandchild – even though she’s six months pregnant.

Charlie refuses because it’s illegal – and also because he doesn’t believe it’s what she really wants. But when he says he won’t help, Shona returns to her squalid flat and takes drastic action and throws herself down the stairs.

She’s rushed to hospital with a head injury and while the baby appears to be safe, Shona remains adamant she doesn’t want to keep it. Unable to persuade her otherwise, Charlie decides to call her bluff and says he’ll help her. But when Shona sees Charlie preparing a large syringe, she realises she wants to keep the baby.

With the two reconciled, they begin to make plans for the future – until Shona has a seizure. She manages to pull through when Lenny makes an inspired diagnosis and Charlie gives her a mobile phone to keep in touch.

Elsewhere, Zoe decides to begin fertility treatment in secret. Yuki and Lenny work together to try and trace down the source of the lethal Crypto virus. Ruth’s nerves get the better of her at the conference but she’s still a hit with organiser Edward.