Casey is led away after saying a passionate goodbye to Ruby. Following Charlie’s very public grilling in court, she soon starts fielding calls from the media about her relationship with Brax. Later, when Charlie bumps into Hayley the lawyer, she gets the impression Hayley’s sleeping with Brax!

It’s an accusation that’s denied by Brax, but not before he clocks how jealous Charlie seems to be. Later, Charlie has a change of heart and heads to Angelo’s to make up with Brax, only to be sprung by Bianca and escorted away. Unknown to Charlie, Brax and Hayley are kissing outside the restaurant.

Miles is happy with his decision to stick by Leah and not have any more kids, but privately she feels uncomfortable with his choice and avoids him, filling her time by working. Meanwhile, Miles thinks he and Leah are moving forward together and thanks Elijah for his helpful relationship advice.

Gina makes a complaint about how much noise the Braxtons make, and Heath warns her to stop making trouble for them. But once Heath sees that Bianca’s watching, he changes his tune and makes a public apology to Gina and John. He assures them there will be no more rowdiness on their street.