Charlie and Ruby still aren’t talking. Charlie can’t get over the fact that Grant’s lies have Ruby doubting her word. Against Angelo’s advice, Charlie investigates unsolved sexual assaults in Grant’s area.

Geoff is grieving over Belle and can’t get motivated for his HSC. He fancies Ruby, even though she’s still with Xavier. Struggling with an essay, Geoff takes action. He’s quitting school.

Irene doesn’t take the news well and turns down Geoff’s request to work on the trawler. Earlier, Geoff had heard Irene offer Aden the job as skipper, but Aden turned her down. Irene has a rethink and makes a deal with Geoff. He can crew the trawler, but only if he can convince Aden to become skipper.

Xavier was beginning to think he’d been dumped. Ruby assures him that he hasn’t, and, feeling guilty about her blossoming feelings for Geoff, tries to patch things up. But when Irene tells her Geoff has quit school, Ruby goes straight round, to talk him out of it. She fails, but they very nearly kiss. The moment passes, and Ruby agrees to go to Xavier’s for dinner with Hugo, Martha and Brendan. She has fun, but it’s clear that her strong feelings for Geoff spell trouble for Xavier.

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