Charlie decides to commit to Angelo

May is devastated at seeing Angelo kiss Charlie. Angelo hopes to be with Charlie now but she’s worried about everyone’s reaction. May tells Miles she doesn’t want to go on the trek now. She gets a job offer elsewhere and resigns. She says goodbye to Angelo, letting slip to people at the police station that Charlie and Angelo are together.

May accuses Charlie of not having the guts to be seen with Angelo in public. Charlie tries to tell Martha about Angelo but she can’t – but May’s words make Charlie decide to commit to Angelo.

Alf suspects something’s going on between Martha and Hugo. Xavier too notices Hugo is distracted. Angelo hassles Hugo about the Indonesian but Hugo pleads ignorance. Angelo watches Hugo go out sailing at night, which Hugo later denies. Angelo gets a search warrant for Hugo’s boat and admits he suspects Hugo of illegal abalone fishing. Angelo goes to search Hugo’s yacht, but finds him with Martha. That’s what Hugo was hiding!

Miles tells everyone about the baby plans, but Kirsty admits to Leah she’s having doubts. Leah urges Kirsty to tell Miles this. Miles asks Kirsty to come on the trek as a replacement for May and she reluctantly agrees.

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