Charlie defends Angelo

Angelo, suspended from work, is less concerned about himself than he is about Charlie. He doesn’t want her to throw away her career defending him. Wilson interviews Charlie and she denies that Angelo let Martha and Hugo go. Wilson continues, pointing out all the flaws in Angelo’s story and reminding her of what happened with Eaves and Hugo. But she’s adamant Angelo did nothing wrong. Angelo decides to go to Wilson and confess. He doesn’t care about his career, he only cares about Charlie. He tells her he loves her, and she says she loves him too.

Tony and Xavier need a venue for the boxing classes, and Alf lets them use the shed at the farm. Tony is delighted but Rachel is appalled when she learns the girls will be sparring, not just working out for fitness. Tony worries that if he pushes ahead with the boxing, it might drive a wedge between him and Rachel.

Marilyn is excited about her business, and Miles worries she’s doing too much. She says she’s feeling fine, but he doesn’t buy it, wondering how certain the doctors were about her timeline. She tells him she’ll see one more Christmas and that’s it.

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