Charlie receives a letter from the charity thanking him for the car wash they did, which mentions a charity variety show. Heston tells Charlie it’s a chance to prove himself and Charlie comes up with the idea of a charity tap dance. The gang are sceptical when Charlie tells them he can tap dance, but they gather at The Icon and wait. When Charlie turns up and performs an amazing tap dance routine, everyone is stunned!

Sapphire tells Lily she’s not feeling well. She’s struggling with her withdrawal programme and wants Lily to bring forward her dose. When Lily refuses, Sapphire is sick all over her.

Also, Ruth is on edge when Smithy turns up at The Mill and Simon is alarmed when he discovers that one of his patients has suddenly stopped taking his medication.

*Doctors celebrates its 10th anniversary on Friday March 26 and every day this week there will be a short programme following each episode of Doctors to mark the event*

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