Charlie forces Grant to confess

Ruby is concerned about Charlie’s frame of mind, but can’t find her anywhere. In a shack in the bush, Charlie has kidnapped Grant and will torture him if necessary, to get his confession. Ruby eventually finds them and is shocked at the scene. She tries to talk Charlie out of it, but Charlie absolutely won’t listen.

Ruby thinks Charlie has snapped completely and seizes an opportunity to untie Grant, but Charlie comes back in. During the stand off, Grant makes a comment that echoes something Charlie told Ruby about the rape. Ruby realises Charlie was telling the truth. They let Grant go and agree to keep what happened between them, in order to protect Charlie’s job.

Geoff is preparing to talk to Aden about his proposal for them to work on the trawler together. But Aden turns him down flat. When she hears this, Annie has a go at Aden about it, asking him what Belle would want him to be doing. Does he really think wallowing is what she would want? Geoff later discovers Aden sleeping in Belle’s bed. He is thrown and tells Irene about what he saw. Irene says she knew about this and it is Aden’s way of grieving.

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