Charlie freaks out over Ross

Charlie and Morag disagree over their methods of dealing with Ross, with Morag wanting to support him and Charlie believing he should be protected, with someone watching him at all times. So Charlie freaks out when she learns Ross has gone fishing with Alf, and interrupts Ross’s nice calm day by insisting he must be tired and should come home. Having a great time, Ross refuses, and Charlie is forced to back down.

But she later feels vindicated when she comes across Ross at the hospital, needing stitches after cutting his hand cleaning fish. Fed up with Charlie’s fussing, Ross tells her he doesn’t want to see her unless she stops treating him like a helpless baby.

Still finding it difficult to cope with what’s happening with her dad, Ruby searches a local chat room to find someone who also has a relative with Alzheimer’s. She exchanges emails with a girl named Skye.

Although Christine thinks Melody is ready to go back to school, Bartlett is not so sure. But he relents when Christine insists, and Melody certainly appears to be back to her old self. However, all is not what it seems, with Christine unaware that Melody hasn’t eaten anything substantial in a week.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday November 13*