Charlie talks to Ruby about spending the night with Angelo. Ruby thinks it’s a good idea. Angelo gets a pep talk from Marilyn who suggests that, if he’s not sure where he stands, he should simply follow Charlie’s lead. But when Angelo and Charlie do get together, it’s awkward and Angelo fears the worst. But after a talk with her counsellor, Charlie realises the only thing that matters is that she and Angelo make each other happy.

Ruby thinks she’s keeping her feelings for Liam secret, but Xavier’s suspicious. Liam assures him there’s nothing going on – he wouldn’t get involved with someone so young and, as Ruby’s teacher, it would be illegal. However, Ruby certainly seems to be flirting with Liam and Xavier’s imagination runs wild. He warns Liam to keep away from Ruby. He’s unaware that Ruby has heard every word and is horrified.

Colleen, still under the impression Marilyn and Alf are engaged, decides she has no choice but to accept the pairing. But she makes it very clear she will never acknowledge Marilyn as her sister. Alf is keen to put a stop to the silly game, but Marilyn wants to continue, just until Colleen learns her lesson about gossiping.

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