Charlie gets some good news

Zara finds Daniel preparing for his first partners’ meeting and suggests they ‘celebrate’ his promotion, but a stressed Daniel rejects her. At the partner’s meeting, Heston raises the prospect of a permanent contract for Charlie. Julia’s not sure, but Heston says everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt sometimes, and looks pointedly at Daniel.

Later, Heston gives Charlie the good news but reactions among the others are mixed. Charlie’s over the moon and mentions to Julia he’ll need his own office and likes the look of Lily’s. Julia says he’ll need to speak to Simon first as he’s been using it lately. Meanwhile, a fragile Simon can’t bear to hear any more about the gala and hides in his office.

Charlie enters and tells Simon he doesn’t mind what he does in private, but if he ever does anything disgusting in public it could ruin his chances of finishing his training at The Mill. He adds that this is his office now and Simon is devastated.

Also, Michelle takes matters into her own hands when she fears an elderly patient is being mistreated by his two sons.

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