Charlie gives Brax an ultimatum

Charlie decides to go ahead and resign, despite being cleared of the stolen evidence charge. She knows she needs to get her life back on the straight and narrow. Brax goes to see Charlie but she gives him an ultimatum – leave the River Boys or she’ll leave him.

Later, as Ruby researches accommodation in the city for her uni course, Charlie suggests they move to the city together. But then Charlie gets a visit from Brax and says he’s quit the River Boys for good.

Xavier tells Gina that he plans to backpack around Europe after school. Gina breaks the news to him that he’ll need about twenty grand to do that. But when John hears, he offers to sell his V8, to give Xavier a helping hand.

Stu sees Sasha being chatted up by a ‘Schoolie’ – a school-leaver who’s in Summer Bay on holiday. She quickly steers Stu back to her place for some alone time. But when she then gets a text from the guy, Stu flips out, slaps her and goes looking for him.

After some advice from Ruby, Sasha decides to break up with her volatile boyfriend. Distraught and furious, Stu storms away from Sasha and steals Xavier’s V8!