Charlie returns home after a night in the cells and he’s in a foul mood. He tells Tracy that she’s pushed him to his limits and he’s had enough of her games – he wants her out.

Tracy decides the time is right to reveal what she’s been up to all along and says that the whole street now thinks he’s a wife beater. Tracy is in a fury when Charlie laughs at her plan and he dares her to kill him.

Liam is getting more and more frustrated with Carla’s presence at Underworld and he’s shocked when he returns from lunch to find that she’s squeezed her own desk into his office.

Steve is dismayed when Sonny is far from being upset after learning that Michelle has a teenage son and instead invites both Michelle and Ryan to a football match. Steve realises that he’s no match for Michelle’s new beau and resigns himself to the fact that he’s lost his chance with her.

Also, Becky is flattered when a café customer, Rob, invites her out for a drink.