Charlie handcuffs Brax – and not for fun

Brax and Heath plan their revenge against Jake’s crew, in the wake of Stu’s attack. Later, at the Surf Club, Brax, Heath and the River Boys find Jake’s crew and a brawl erupts. The Clubhouse is wrecked and John is caught up in the fray. Charlie arrests Brax, along with every one of the gang members at the Club.

Sid prepares to meet Sasha, his long-lost daughter. Dex and Indi decide they want to come along, but before they get a chance to plead their case, Sid gets a call from the hospital. He’ll have to reschedule his meeting with Sasha. At the hospital, Sid is confronted by Sasha, who’s less than impressed at being fobbed off. Later, when Sid takes her home to meet Dex and Indi, it’s clear there’s some work to be done to get Sasha on side.

Irene finds herself in a difficult position when Leah asks to cut down her shifts at the Diner in light of her pregnancy. It means Irene will need to step up her own hours, despite her secret health problems. In a desperate attempt to keep her cancer secret, Irene decides to take off for a while, but not before Leah twigs that something is seriously wrong.