Roxy is torn by Charlie’s offer to leave the Square with him, but eventually agrees. When Charlie reveals he wants to take Matthew with him, however, she’s shocked. After visiting the doctor, Ronnie admits to Roxy that she’s been given medication as she’s still struggling. Roxy takes Matthew’s passport to Charlie, but later visits Ronnie, revealing Charlie fell for their plan…

Phil refuses to listen to Kathy’s pleas, instead trying to fix things with Sharon. Failing to get Sharon to change her mind, Phil returns to Kathy, telling her she’s on her own. Surprised when Kathy seems unconcerned, Phil swiftly leaves, only for Gavin to walk out of the bathroom.

Lee is all set for his appointment with the doctor, grateful for Mick’s support. After talking through the options, Lee is put on a waiting list to see a counsellor. Returning home with medication, Lee makes a show of taking a pill, but is only pretending.

Also, Lauren’s furious that Max tried to set up Abi, telling him she’s washing her hands of him. Dot’s worried when Cora goes missing.