Charlie has Brax in her sights

Charlie is struggling to justify arresting Brax. It doesn’t help that at the station, the other officers are more interested in whether he was a good kisser! She tries to find some dirt on him, but Brax’s hotshot lawyer reveals that his client’s money comes from a furniture import business and Charlie’s investigation into the cheap booze comes up clean. It all makes Charlie more determined to pin something on him.

April is glum and Irene suspects that she is not over Xavier. April says she doesn’t want to get back together with him, but Irene’s not convinced. At school, April is being bullied by girls in her class and feels even more isolated. When Irene reminds April it’s her birthday tomorrow and it will be a fun day, April struggles to muster some enthusiasm.

Gina is worried about Casey. He’s not concentrating at school and is reluctant to talk about his home life. She teams him with Xavier and Dex in a science assignment – a decision that none of the boys are happy with. But the team eventually comes up with an unusual idea for their project. And the more they work together, the more they bond.

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