Charlie hunts for clues about Roman’s accident

Kirsty receives a letter from Trey stating that nothing happened between them. Kirsty and Miles take the letter to Bartlett. Ruby sticks by her theory of Trey causing Leah’s car accident. When Charlie goes to Trey’s house he denies everything but the slingshot is found under his bed. He insists he found it, but due to other offences on his record, Charlie finds it hard believe him.

Trey tells Charlie he was with Kirsty, so he couldn’t have caused the accident. Kirsty denies the allegations and Trey shows up at her house, furious. He goes for Kirsty and Miles intercepts, dislocating Trey’s shoulder. Kirsty has no choice but to come clean – she was with Trey on the night of the accident.

Xavier tries to avoid Charlie’s questioning – he doesn’t want Hugo to know he went to the party. But eventually he has to own up – he was at the party but he doesn’t know anything about the accident. Brendan takes off again and climbs a tree, terrified he’ll go to prison. Xavier finds him and his worst fears are realised as Brendan comes crashing to the ground.

Brendan gets taken to hospital and when Xavier sees Roman bedridden, it really hits him exactly what Brendan’s done.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday April 23*

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