Charlie is confused about Joey

Joey wants to take Charlie to lunch on Alf’s boat as a thank you for protecting her from Robbo. When a good song comes on, Joey starts dancing with Charlie. The girls get very close – almost kissing – but Charlie breaks away, making an excuse as she rushes off up the wharf.

Leah wants to give Roman a thank you dinner for spending time with VJ, but she doesn’t want it to seem like a date. Rachel suggests making it lunch instead, with her and Tony there too. Leah suddenly remembers that while drunk at her birthday party she kissed Roman! She can’t help but see Roman in a different light.

Roman comes to lunch and stays to do the dishes. Leah confesses that she remembers kissing him. With a laugh he disregards it… but then they lock lips again.

Kirsty approaches Trey’s father, John Palmer, to tell him she can’t continue the tutoring. John is upset and insists that she continue, or he’ll go to Bartlett. Meanwhile, Kirsty tells Trey that she’s not attracted to him. Trey’s confused – he really thought they had something. Kirsty is shocked to learn from Miles that there is gossip about her and Trey all over town.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday April 13*

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