Charlie kidnaps Grant!

Ruby is torn between Charlie and Grant. She’s starting to think they just have different recollections and neither is right. Xavier reaches out to her but Ruby is too confused. She sees Grant’s wife Tracey, who tells her Grant is a good man and she doesn’t believe Charlie. Grant visits Ruby again and only confuses her even more. When Xavier again tries to be there for her, she pushes him away.

Charlie gets a lead on two women she believes were paid off by Grant after being assaulted. One walks away as soon as she learns why Charlie is there, but Charlie convinces the other – Brooke – to stay by telling her about her ordeal with Grant. Brooke confesses that Grant raped her as well, and paid her to keep quiet. But when faced with the prospect of going on record about what happened, she refuses. Upon returning to the Bay, Charlie finds Grant, telling him she wants to put everything behind them, for Ruby’s sake. Grant agrees, but Charlie kidnaps him!

Hugo has given up on the sunken schooner idea. Martha suggests Hugo try to reason with John Palmer, but Palmer refuses to listen and the pair get into a heated argument.

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