Charlie lectures Natalie

Roman is unhappy at Natalie’s irresponsible behaviour, after Nicole’s brush with the law. With her mum letting her down again, Nicole feels Natalie’s return is messing up her life. But when Charlie lays into Natalie for her negligent parenting, Nicole interrupts and tells Charlie off for stepping in where she’s not wanted. Grateful, Natalie apologises to her daughter for being a bad mother, while Roman feels uneasy when he hears about Charlie’s lecture.

Meanwhile, Geoff tries to distract Nicole with some plans for co-captaining the school. But just as Nicole starts to like the idea of being school captain, Melody secretly tells Bartlett about Nicole’s run-in with the police. Feeling he has no other choice, Bartlett takes away Nicole’s captaincy.

Kirsty tells Irene she’s been keeping her distance from Leah since she blew up at her. Later, when Miles questions Irene on the tension between Kirtsy and Leah, he is shocked to learn about the row. When confronted, Leah tells Miles that Kirsty deserved it and she had his best interests at heart. Puzzled at what he sees as Leah’s overreaction, Miles tries to get to the bottom of Leah’s feelings, but is left even more bewildered when she tells him she doesn’t want to see him any more.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday December 17*

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